“In recent times, negotiation has been seen as a bad thing”, entrevista a Vicenç Villatoro a Arcynewsy

The writer and journalist Vicenç Villatoro (Terrassa, 1957) went to Florence in the late fifteenth century and spoke of two exceptional men: the monk Girolamo Savonarola and the diplomat, philosopher and writer Nicolau Machiavelli. Savonarola dared to attack the Borja, expelled the powerful Medici from Florence and founded the Democratic Republic of Florence. The bonfires of the vanities were installed in the Italian city, burning everything that Savonarola considered sinful. How should the conversations between the brother convinced of having the truth and the pragmatic author of it? Prince? Villatoro imagines the book Too much fire Extremely apocryphal dialogues between Savonarola and Machiavelli (Portico), winner of the Carles Rahola Prize for the essay. The replicas and counter-revolutions of one and the other occurred in Italy 500 years ago, but many readers may seem very current.

Segueix llegint l’entrevista.

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